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In the transition to a clean energy future, it is essential to develop and mobilise all forms of renewable energy in a competitive and sustainable manner. Marine energy is a renewable resource which generates energy from marine sources and has a tremendous potential to contribute to the global energy mix. In order to unleash this potential, all players in the marine energy sector should work together to lower existing barriers in technological development, product demonstration and commercialisation.

The marine energy sector in the Netherlands involves numerous organisations developing a range of technologies to extract energy from waves, tides, salinity gradients and temperature differences in the ocean. The Dutch Marine Energy Centre (DMEC) project aims to facilitate collaborations between those organisations and provide a single point of access to the Dutch marine energy sector.

DMEC currently operates as a project funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) programme ‘Kansen voor West II’ and is co-financed by the province of North-Holland. After the anticipated close date of the project in April 2018, DMEC aspires to be a self sustaining organisation. Based on continuous market consultations identifying the needs of the marine energy sector, the service portfolio of DMEC will be developed. As the project keeps evolving so does the interactive portal.

Stay tuned to current developments in the Dutch marine energy sector and join our portal on: www.dutchmarineenergy.com 


Tidal Testing Centre (TTC), Antea Group, PwC, Synergos Communicatie, Tocardo International BV, Teamwork Technology BV, Ronamic, REDstack, IMARES, Fishflow Innovations,  TNO, NWP, Royal NIOZ, Erasmus University Rotterdam, ECN and Deltares (find all logo’s on http://dutchmarineenergy.com/partners).  

Contact: office@dutchmarineenergy.com

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View Tidal Testing Centre Sites in a larger map

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