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The Netherlands have a leading international position in the export of know-how and solutions in the field of water management. The Dutch have a strong market position in  developing sustainable and innovative integrated dams and storm surge barriers.

This EU funded project called Energising deltas (Energiedijken in Dutch) has been completed. It ran from February 2013 till June 2015. It combines sustainable energy generation with water safety and water management into an innovative export product. Three companies (Tocardo, REDstack, Strukton/Antea Group) closely collaborated with three research organisations (Deltares, ECN, EUR) to gain knowledge about optimising energy production while minimising environmental impact. Together with Tidal Testing Centre for coordination and Energy Valley Foundation for national and international positioning this project gives the Dutch trade and industry a head start on the world market.

For more information please visit www.energisingdeltas.com. Click here to view Video Clip

 Your contact person: Pieter Bergmeijer

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