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TTC closely cooperates with BT Projects and Antea Group in the Tidal Technology Center Grevelingendam (TTC-GD) initiative. This will be developed as a state of the art research, development and demonstration facility situated at the Flakkeese Spuisluis (discharge sluice) in the Grevelingendam. Realization is planned for mid 2017. 

In total the sluice gate consists of six tubes connecting the Grevelingen lake with the Eastern-Scheldt; an estuary to the North Sea. Depending on the tides in the Eastern Scheldt the water can flow in either direction through the sluice gate. 
TTC-GD aims to expand and modify the sluice by connecting three easily accessible “channels”. The channels will be available for testing turbines and/or components and  other aspects around the technology e.g.. fish friendliness, morphology.  
TTC-GD provides:  
  • high speed bi-directional flows (up to 7 m/s) where technologies can be tested, demonstrated and certified;
  • Easy onshore accessibility, for inspection, maintenance and visits resulting in low-cost operations. 

Partners: BT Projects, Antea Group, Topsector Energie, Province of Zeeland, Province of South Holland, Ministry of Economic Affairs, European Union, RVO, OP- Zuid

More information: Download factsheet TTC- GD or click on  http://blueturbines.com/en/projects/. 


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View Tidal Testing Centre Sites in a larger map

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