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Funding Ocean Renewable Energy through Strategic European Action (FORESEA)

This project will help North West Europe (NWE) SME’s test ocean energy (OE) technology in real sea environments and prove power can be economically generated from the ocean. Located in the peripheral regions of Northern Scotland, Western Ireland, Western France and Western Holland, the partners in this project represent the areas of highest ocean energy resource in Europe. The development of a world leading OE industry in these regions represents a fantastic opportunity to stimulate economic development in these more peripheral, economically disadvantaged areas that are not able to rely on the variety of industry found in the traditional 'motor regions' of NWE.

Combating climate change and securing energy supply are also major issues for Europe and OE represents a substantial and as yet largely untapped asset which will help reduce GHG emissions by bringing highly productive renewable technologies closer to market. The cost of pre-commercial testing and demonstration for OE is high and investors are reluctant to invest until the technology has been proven in the sea at scale. The NWE area possesses world leading OE testing infrastructure and this project will connect sites in the Netherlands (tidal), UK (tidal and wave), France (wave and floating wind) and Ireland (floating wind and wave) to create a network which will place NWE at the heart of this emerging industry. To date most EU R&D for OE has focused on technology, not testing. The FORESEA coordinated test sites will encourage longer term testing and technology de-risking. 

Led by the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), the FORESEA (Funding Ocean Renewable Energy through Strategic European Action) project will provide funding support to ocean energy technology developers to access Europe’s world-leading ocean energy test facilities: EMEC (Orkney Islands, UK), SmartBay (Galway, Ireland), SEM-REV (Nantes, France), Tidal Testing Centre (Den Oever, Netherlands)


FORESEA will result in a minimum of 30 OE technology pre-commercial demonstrations, over 60,000hrs of operation, work with over 60 SME's, sustaining 60+ jobs and helping to secure €30M investment into OE companies. FORESEA will also enhance the expertise and infrastructure in NWE and put in place a NWE OE Roadmap so ensure the long term impact of this project.


European Marine Energy Centre Ltd (Lead partner), Tidal Testing Centre Foundation (TTC), SmartBay Ireland Ltd (SBI), SEM-REV, Site D'Experimentation en Mer, ECN and Ocean Energy Europe (OEE)

View Tidal Testing Centre Sites in a larger map

View Tidal Testing Centre Sites in a larger map

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