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Peter Scheijgrond in front of Pelamis wave Power at Lyness, Orkney

Together with Bluewater, Tidal Testing Centre has partnered with a group of leading offshore companies to realize the first unique floating tidal energy platform. On the 9th of April 2015, the first BlueTEC platform was inaugurated in the Marsdiep between Den Helder and the island of Texel. The Tocardo tidal turbine placed under the BlueTEC platform generates clean electricity for around 100 households on the island of Texel. 

This first BlueTEC will serve as a demonstration platform targeted at remote locations worldwide, such as islands in Indonesia, Philippines and the Pacific. It is also the start of further development of higher capacity tidal energy platforms, to be deployed in large farms. 

For Tocardo, this open water test pilot will provide valuable information about the effects of turbulent water on the turbines. It is meant to stay there producing electricity for several years, allowing multiple turbines to be tried out.

The unique cooperation between Bluewater, Damen, Van Oord/Acta Marine, Tocardo, Schottel Hydro, TKF, Vryhof, NIOZ, Nylacast and Tidal Test Centre bundles extensive experience in the maritime and offshore industry, in the field of design and operation of mooring platforms, shipbuilding, offshore dredging and installation, tidal turbines, power cables, anchors, research at sea and synthetic materials.

The BlueTEC platform is developed for cost efficient installation, operations and maintenance of the tidal turbines. All vulnerable electronics are placed inside the dry and protected platform, allowing  for easy access for inspection, maintenance and repair. The possibility to disconnect the platform from the electricity net, makes it very easy to ship it to a local port for heavy repair. This is the first and unique tidal system offered on the market. Click here to view Video Clip

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News Update

  • Announcement tender Project Management +

    TTC intends to conclude a framework agreement in relation to project management and related activities of projects within TTC. This procurement is carried out in accordance with the multiple private procedure and closes on November 21, 2016. For further information about this please contact mr. B. Koenis through bk@tidaltesting.nl   Read More
  • Aankondiging aanbesteding +

    TTC is voornemens een raamovereenkomst af te sluiten met betrekking tot projectmanagement en daaraan gerelateerde werkzaamheden van projecten binnen TTC. Deze aanbesteding wordt uitgevoerd volgens de meervoudig onderhandse procedure en sluit op 21 november 2016. Voor nadere informatie hieromtrent kunt u zich wenden tot dhr. B. Koenis via bk@tidaltesting.nl Read More
  • 3rd call for Free-of-charge access to Europe’s leading marine renewable energy R&D facilities +

    February 2013 - TTC, partner of the Marinet project, is pleased to announce the opening of the third call offering free-of-charge access to Europe’s leading test facilities for marine renewable energy R&D. This is a unique opportunity for engineers and researchers to avail of state-of-the-art interlinked infrastructures and associated expertise, courtesy of funding from the European Commission.These 45 marine energy R&D Read More
  • 2nd Call for Applications for Free-of-Charge Transnational Access to Test Facilities - Now Open +

    August 2012 - After a successful 1st call which granted 29 projects free-of-charge access to marine renewable energy testing facilities, the MARINET consortium has announced that the 2nd call is now open for applications for Transnational Access to these 42 world-class test facilities located throughout Europe. This opportunity is open to any group with one or more individuals where the group Read More
  • Kansen voor West - R&D program on large scale integration of offhore Tidal Energy +

      Tidal testing Centre initates R&D program on large scale offshore Tidal Energy with support from Kansen voor WestApr 14th 2010 -- Kansen voor West has approved a project propal focussed on the development of knowledge to pass barriers for large scale implementation of Offshore Tidal Energy, supported by experiments including a realistic pilot. The consortium, a balanced group of industries (Tocardo Read More
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