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TTC offers developers access to two separate sluice gates. The sluice gates act like a ducted channel with water flows up to 5 m/sec  depending on the hydraulic head over the gates. The basic function of the sluice gate is to discharge water from the IJsselmeer to the Wadden Sea, twice a day at times of low water on the sea side (ebb). Testing facilities available on site are a feed-in electrical grid-connection with a capacity of 160 kVA. Data acquisition and video link services are available via the network of Tidal Testing Centre. 


Your contact person: Peter Scheijgrond


The characteristics of the sluice gates are;

  • A feed-in electrical grid-connection is available, with a capacity of 160 kVA, and if needed is scalable to higher kVA.
  • Equipment for on-line 3D ADCP flow measurements are available on a rental basis, providing a detailed flow profile of the sluice. Data is accessible via the data network of the Tidal Testing Centre.
  • Daily flow prediction is available, there are scheduling options for opening/closing of sluice
  • The flume is easy accessible by truck via road (on incidental basis) and via boat
  • When the sluice is closed, there is no water flow

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