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In 2010 TTC was awarded a grant from the European Regional Development Fund ERDF (EFRO in Dutch)  to run a collaborative R&D program on large scale offshore Tidal Energy. The ERFD grant is administered through the Kansen for West program (Opportunities for West).

The objective of the project was to identify and lift barriers for the large scale implementation of offshore tidal energy and part of the project was to design and build a realistic pilot plant for tidal energy. For this a balanced group of companies and research institutes - Bluewater Energy Services BV, Tocardo International BV, NIOZ, ECN, WMC, Marin, Deltares - formed a consortium.

Main activities planned in the project were:

  1. Development, testing of floating platform for offshore tidal farms
  2. Demonstrate large-scale applicable and cost-effective installation and maintenance techniques for Tidal Energy farms
  3. Investigate and quantify generic impact of Tidal Energy farms on the environment
  4. Investigate and test farm-effects on energy yield
  5. Characterize Tidal energy devices using international standards, performance testing
  6. Scale tests of moored floating constructions
  7. Measures to limit growth of sealife on constructions
  8. Develop design tools for Tidal Energy blades based on Wind turbine experience
  9. Development and execution of blade testing procedures based on Wind turbine experience.

The project was finished in 2014. The report can be downloaded here.

Financial support

The project was supported by Kansen voor West, funded by EFRO, the province of Noord-Holland and the National Government, combined with contributions from the involved partners.

Hier wordt geïnvesteerd in uw toekomst. Dit project is mede mogelijk gemaakt door het Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling.

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