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TTC offers the unique possibility to tow or push turbines at large scale through still open water. This can be a useful test to determine performance at controlled speeds as a reference for tests carried out in more turbulent waters. The tests will typically provide an upper band of the performance of the turbine.

Turbines with a diameter up to 4m can be towed or pushed with a barge on the IJsselmeer lake. This lake has negligible current. With a dump load on board, up to 100kW of power can be dissipated. At the Wadden Sea turbine diameters up to 10m are possible. Since these waters are under the influence of the tides, tests are best performed during slack tide offer a shorter test window.


The turbine and its auxiliary equipment will be installed at the nearby harbor of Den Oever on the barge "De IJsselmeer". TTC can manage the full process on behalf of developers.


Your contact person: Peter Scheijgrond

  • Towing or pushing in open water
  • On the IJsselmeer (depth 6m)
  • On the Wadden Sea (depth 30m)
  • Speeds up to 2,5 m/s
  • Use of the barge "De IJsselmeer"
  • Dump loads up to 0.5 MW
  • Tests results after one day testing!

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